Saturday, December 7, 2013

Training Courses for CAPM Certification, Agile and Scrum Certification and Project Integration Management

CAPM certification or Certified Associate in Project Management certification is an entrée level course for project managers. Introduction to CAPM is useful for the candidates who have no experience in project management or those who have very little experience. Even a high school diploma holder can enrol for the CAPM certification. CAPM certification does not require regular classroom training. You can also opt for online training to become eligible for the CAPM certification examination.

Agile and Scrum certification is useful for the trainers and coaches who have to train a whole team of software development professionals. Agile certification covers fundamentals of agile principles and methodologies and how they can be applied to improve a business organization. Fundamental concepts of agile encourages out of the box thinking. Scrum certification is useful to improve productivity collaboration and as a result overall performance of an organization.

ProjectIntegration Management is the management practice which involves 9 knowledge working areas along with unification, articulation, consolidation and integrative actions. This is a high level course which involves perfect management of interrelated knowledge areas while forming a perfect equilibrium among different projects. PIM is far more competent than a Project Cost Management (PCM) course which deals only with management of cost of a single project only. The role of the PIM manager is very crucial and plays a cohesive role while integrating various departments effectively.

Online training institute Simplilearn,com offers more details about all the training courses available on their website. Online training is provided using audio and video lectures and online quizzes and exercises.

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