Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Six Sigma Black Belt Training, CISM Training, Cloud Computing Certification

Six Sigma Certification is a collection of tools and techniques developed in 1986 by Motorola for improving business processes and strategies. It is used to improve the process quality by identifying and curbing the causes of errors and reducing inconsistency in business processes and manufacturing. The process includes set of methods which includes quality management, statistical methods and creating special structures within an organization i.e. “Yellow Belts”, “Green Belts”, “Black Belts” and Champions as per the expertise in the method. It is one of the professional skills that is bound to give you desiring results. Black Belt operates under Master Black Belts that focus on recognizing functions or projects of Six Sigma. Many institutes provides Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training that concentrates on project selection and using technique for results, practical solutions for execution and project selection techniques.

CISM known as Certified Information Security Manager is an IT professional skill for those who design, manage information security of an enterprise. CISM is a unique management certification that promotes security at national and international level. It recognizes the individual who assesses and oversees the information security. CISM Training can help you get all professional IT security skills that enhance you and your company.

Cloud computing is a term used to highlight computing concepts that involve huge number of computers, which are connected to communication network called as Internet. It is also called as network-based service where several computers are attached to single network at the same time. Cloud Computing is gaining huge popularity due to increased internet use and online business. Cloud computing is the future of economic and modern business models. Cloud Computing Certification helps IT professionals to foster the knowledge of real-time computing in a professional way.

Friday, December 13, 2013

PRINCE2 Certification Programs and Microsoft Share Point 2010 Certification

Prince 2 is a project management methodology called as Project in Controlled Environment. It has been founded by the UK government. It is mainly used as a management standard for public projects. The method comprises of controlling, managing and organizing projects.

Prince2 method is also effectively used in private sector, which is regarded as best technique in project management. Prince2 is also referred to a person who has been accredited as authorized qualified practitioner. It’s a professional certification course that deals with project undertaking from its start till end delivering quality results.

Prince2 Foundation Certification adds up to your professional skills. You learn a lot about management methodology, organizing and controlling the projects in wholesome and driving the results demanded. There are many online training programs that offer professional Prince2 Practitioner Certification training.

Another professional course is Microsoft SharePoint 2010 certification to advance your professional skills. SharePoint is a web application program designed by Microsoft that deals with content management system, intranet and document management.

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 certification is helpful in improving professional skills, which include learning new techniques in testing and advanced developed content. It’s a technical professional course widely available as online training program. The tools of SharePoint are known as SharePoint Wheels which include Sites, Communities, Content, Search, Insights and Composites.

In Microsoft SharePoint 2010 certification, you learn about web-configuration, searches, website development, managing content or documents, sites and administration of webs. For all the web experts who want to add another feather in their hats, Microsoft SharePoint 2010 training is must.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Training Courses for CAPM Certification, Agile and Scrum Certification and Project Integration Management

CAPM certification or Certified Associate in Project Management certification is an entrée level course for project managers. Introduction to CAPM is useful for the candidates who have no experience in project management or those who have very little experience. Even a high school diploma holder can enrol for the CAPM certification. CAPM certification does not require regular classroom training. You can also opt for online training to become eligible for the CAPM certification examination.

Agile and Scrum certification is useful for the trainers and coaches who have to train a whole team of software development professionals. Agile certification covers fundamentals of agile principles and methodologies and how they can be applied to improve a business organization. Fundamental concepts of agile encourages out of the box thinking. Scrum certification is useful to improve productivity collaboration and as a result overall performance of an organization.

ProjectIntegration Management is the management practice which involves 9 knowledge working areas along with unification, articulation, consolidation and integrative actions. This is a high level course which involves perfect management of interrelated knowledge areas while forming a perfect equilibrium among different projects. PIM is far more competent than a Project Cost Management (PCM) course which deals only with management of cost of a single project only. The role of the PIM manager is very crucial and plays a cohesive role while integrating various departments effectively.

Online training institute Simplilearn,com offers more details about all the training courses available on their website. Online training is provided using audio and video lectures and online quizzes and exercises.

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Get certification in professional courses and add feathers to your resume. Who doesn’t want a better job? Or get better paid? Being a qualified professional and understanding the importance of professional studies are vital in the fast paced competitive world. creates professional education training for those who want to excel in their field. Education is the hottest topic in the internet world and people love to learn a lot about everything online. gives you this freedom. Started in 2009, offers 80+ certification courses in more than 150 countries.

One of the most famous courses is Six Sigma Certification wherein you learn six sigma overview and curbing issues in office environment.  It’s vital for the skilled professionals to understand about how to achieve excellence in their professional environment. is a simple platform to get CCNP training, ITIL training and other certifications. Most people resort to online training programs as they are provided with in-depth details on courses, research papers from experts, guidance articles, updates, news, images and videos to make the learning experience easy.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

ITIL Certifications

The full form of ITIL is IT Infrastructure Library. Originally, it was developed as a comprehensive and interrelated code of practice to deliver high quality and cost effective IT services. ITIL defined code of conduct provides a holistic process framework to offer IT services to cater to the specific needs of businesses.

ITIL is accredited by the Information Systems Examinations Board, UK. ITIL offers various certification courses to enhance professional growth and increase monetary compensations. Some of the certification courses offered by the ITIL are ITIL foundation certification, ITIL intermediate modules, ITIL managing across the lifecycle, ITIL expert certification, and ITIL master qualification.

ITIL expert training provides an advanced understanding of ITIL. To appear for the ITIL expert certification, a candidate must clear the ITIL foundation certificate or ITIL V2 or ITIL V3 service transition certificate.  Apart from that 17 credits from ITIL intermediate level, 5 credits from ITIL managing across the lifecycle are also required.

ITIL certification requirements vary for different levels. The first level is foundation certificate in IT service management. It provides the basic understanding of the ITIL terminology, terms and concepts. The next level is practitioner certificate in IT service management. It provides competence in practical implementation. The highest level certification is the ITIL master qualification. It is the proof of the highest level skills in theory, practice and experience at the managerial level. It also imparts the skills of communication, presentation and negotiation.

ITIL certification courses are the most popular and globally recognized certification courses.