Monday, December 31, 2012

Kid-Friendly and Kid-Safe Web Browsers

These days kids are exposed to technology at an early age. Even pre-school and kindergarten children play with educational electronic toys. Occasionally, they may grab their parents’ smartphone or tablet. They are familiar with the touchscreens and they may be familiar with how to operate some gadgets. By the time they reach elementary school, some of them may be using computers or iPads in their classrooms. Most of them are well versed in gaming and using some apps. At this age your kid may be curious to access the Internet. It is time for the parents to set up the parental controls on home PCs, tablets and smartphones.  

There are some kid-safe apps and browsers available for free. Zoodles is a kid friendly free browser suitable for the kids in the age group of 2 to 8 years. Zoodles is available for Windows and Mac. Recently, they have introduced mobile version, also. Zoodles offer an interesting feature called interface scaling. You can install a simplified, text free interface for young children and increase the complexity of the interface as the child grows up and learns to read and write. You can set up filters to access only kid friendly games and content.

Another kid-friendly, child-safe browser is KidZui. KidZui offers a long list of websites, games, pictures and videos that are safe for the kids to browse. This list is prepared by a group of volunteers comprising of parents and educators. You can install Kidzui as an independent browser or you can install it as a Firefox extension. Either way, it is easy to install and operate. Kids can join KidZui’s social network and interact with other kids. However, information sharing is very limited and personal information such as home address etc cannot be shared. If you wish to add some websites to the list, you have to send the link for approval. KidZui is an amazingly safe browser that requires minimal amount of parental supervision.

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