Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tablets for Kids

If you ask kids what they want as a holiday gift, they are likely to ask for a feature phone, tablet or gaming device. Even the 2 years to 4years old kids are familiar with the devices and their vocabulary includes the word “app.” It won’t be long, when each of us would want our own tablets to remain connected. You can buy some inexpensive tablets for young ones. Some kid specific tablets are already in the market.

LeapPad 2 is the most popular tablet for kids with 5” screen and 4 GB memory. It is loaded with thousands of educational games, eBooks, videos and games. Tabeo is another tablet made and marketed by Toys “R”US. It comes with 50 free pre-installed apps and has access to thousands of free educational programs, games and books in the app store. Nabi 2 is the most powerful kids tablet that runs on Ice Cream Sandwich. It has with WiFi capabilities and access to a library with more than 9,000 children’s albums.  It is also pre-loaded with free games, songs and books.

Kindle Fire 7 and iPad Mini are slightly on the higher side of the price range and appropriate for teens. Kindle Fire offer a huge educational and entertainment resources at $3 per month. Amazon creates a custom library for kid as per their gender, age and preferences. They offer plenty of content from Disney, Nick, PBS, Marvel and more. iPad Mini is the perfect tablet with the best app store. However, you may not buy it exclusively for your kid. But hey, you can always share it with your child!

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