Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mobile Application Development

The quality of mobile phone apps is improving day by day due to technological advances in the mobile phone platforms. The apps are sharp in colors and texts; and lifelike in user experience. You can find an app for every category imaginable. Mobile apps are available for business, travel, education and entertainment. Mobile application developers come up with thousands of new apps everyday. Conceptualizing the basic theme and purpose of the mobile app is easy. However, designing user interface for touch screens is tricky.

iOS being the world’s most advanced mobile operating system, iPad apps are the most appealing with attractive design, exceptional colors and superb audio. Creating attractive and user friendly iPad apps require consistent focus and creativity at every stage of development including planning, design, development and deployment. You need to be familiar with best practices and up to date about latest technological developments to create an interesting iPad app design. You can refer to iOS human interface guidelines on their website to know more about principles of outstanding app design. 

The Android is another platform to develop innovative mobile apps. The Android SDK is the official Android app builder software. It provides developer tools and API libraries to design, develop and test Android apps. One advantage of the Android SDK is that is consists of modular packages. You can download required modules separately using the Android SDK manager. The collection of the Android apps is also fabulous. Most of them are free and equally well designed. They are easy to browse through, download and use.  

Irrespective of platforms, the good design is essential for any mobile application. Some characteristics of good design are easy to use, attractive to look at, engaging enough to keep the user involved, and delightful to use again and again.

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